1. Switch to ENERGY STAR appliances and unplug unused devices.

Efficient appliances save money, use less energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. (U.S. Dept. of Energy)

Research shows that between 10% and 23% of a home's energy can be saved by unplugging unused devices (Nat. Resource Defence Council, May, 2015)

The average Colorado electric bill in 2020 was $82.83. The 23% would be approximately $19/mo. or almost $230/yr. saved by just unplugging that seldom used TV, printer, stereo equipment, etc.

2. Shorten your shower from 8 minutes (average shower time) to 5 minutes.

This saves 6 gallons of water a shower (Colorado is in a drought) or almost 2,200 gal/yr./person & over 1,000 cu. ft. of natural gas or 100 lb. of coal to heat the water.

3. Walk if your errand is less than a mile - ride a bike if it is 2 miles or less.

Reduce by half the number of car trips under a mile and 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be saved.

Save money on gas, insurance (fewer miles driven) and car wear and tear

4. Compost: Turn your organic waste into compost.

For the average family, composting saves 17 Lbs. of kitchen waste per week in the landfill. Food waste in the landfill depletes natural resources and adds to methane gas which traps heat 20 times more effectively than CO2.

If you can’t compost at home, consider a commercial composter. They will pick it up weekly for a fee and return 50 pounds of compost at the end of a year.

Contact your Windsor City Council Person requesting them to restart the Windsor yard waste composting program.

5. BYOB-Bring Your Own Bag/Bottle when you shop or need a drink.

Keep plastic out of the landfill because plastic lasts forever!

The U.S. is responsible for 38 million tons of plastic waste per year.

Other actions to consider - Electric cars, Solar power, Xcel Energy Squad, Native plants instead of bluegrass. Go to the Town of Windsor website/Water Resources for more ideas. Visit Home Water Works to calculate how much water you use and get more tips.