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Recycling Simplified - We have a WINNER

RECYCLING SIMPLIFIED - WE HAVE A WINNER !! -- Overall statistics ... we had over 500 visits to the site and over 50 people took the quiz. Our winner was Emily (we did not ask for last name). If you want to check out the overall project summary -- we have it posted here:

As part of Sustainable Windsor's projects for 2024 - the Recycling Simplified project aims to increase recycling in Windsor and, at the same time, reduce contamination in the recycling process.

And BIG THANKS to Common Good Compost for this AMAZING donation -- we are so grateful!! (and a bunch of us have now signed up for the service !!)

The site is going to stay available - so please check it out ... and help us to create a more circular economy and reduce the load on our landfills ... !!

We are a community organization focused on cultivating a thriving, sustainable town. As a grassroots group, we encourage education, advocacy, and action in support of sustainable development with environmental protection, responsible economic growth, and social equity.

Who Are We?

Part of our mission is knowedlge transfer - to the citizens or Windsor, Windsor business, and the Windsor town government. We are active on energy awareness (with our partnership with the town and the Partners in Energy program). We are also working on programs around recycling and waste diversion.

Education & Advocacy

Sustainable Windsor engages in activities including highway cleanup, meeting with local officials on sustainability, developing programs for sustainability, serving on town committees and commisions, and working local Windsor events such as the Winter Wonderland, Farmers Market, and Concerts at the Park.





Stay tuned for our upcoming projects that will further enhance the sustainability of Windsor. Give us your cool ideas!

Check out our projects page - we have lots going on. We are working on energy awareness and the enegy plan for Windsor, recycling awareness, highway clean-up, water conservation, and other projects. If you have an idea for a project -- let us know!

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